About us

We, the team behind tonestro, are young, motivated and passionate musicians. As people who have dedicated a part of their lives to music, we are aware of the limitations in this industry, such as lack of time and resources, or the difficulty of learning an instrument on your own. Therefore we came up with the idea to develop tonestro: An app for wind instruments that helps you to learn an instrument, improve yourself, have fun and save time & resources. This project means a lot to us. With our app we try to share our love and passion for wind instruments with others and support musicians with playfully designed exercises to make practicing at home more fun again.

Developed in Austria

tonestro is a high-quality educational app designed in Austria, the capital of Classical music. It’s aiming to encourage musical talents to learn, develop, and have fun in the meanwhile.

Our Founder Team

Our Goals

tonestro’s goal is to encourage people’s passion for wind instruments, while helping them to improve and have fun in an affordable, playful and time-efficient manner.

The Team

Christoph Huber

Founder & CEO

Christoph Huber is the only non-musician in the team and often looks at things from a different perspective. Christoph is responsible for the frontend development.

Alexander Kogler

Founder & Head of E-Learning

Alexander Kogler has been an active musician for more than 15 years and is conductor of our local wind band. He takes care of the core component, the audio analysis.

Christian Kapplmüller

Founder & CTO

Christian Kapplmüller has been playing the trumpet for more than 14 years and is responsible for the backend development and software architecture decisions.

Heinrich Huber

Founder & CFO

Heinrich has been an active musician for 40 years, has 20 years of experience as entrepreneur and is responsible for finance and sales.

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